Friday April 14 & 28, 2-Day Event: Colleen West – Healing Pre-verbal Attachment Trauma

Preverbal attachment trauma is much more common than generally thought and creates fierce and often primitive protectors. These parts are terrified to separate and risk leaving the exiles they care so deeply about to face a world without love… alone. Self in these systems has sometimes left the building altogether.

Extreme parts, chronically dysregulated parts, abjectly lonely and terrified parts–all need love but don’t know how to get it.

This class will take you deep into the world of Preverbal Trauma: the etiology, the symptoms, the characteristics, and the challenges in your office.

During this 2-Day Training IFS and Trauma Trainer and Consultant Colleen West will combine didactic and experiential teaching to offer new and effective techniques to add to your IFS toolbox. She will facilitate developing skills in

– Working with preverbal trauma as legacy burden

– Co-regulating dysregulated parts

– Using the therapeutic relationship to grow Self-energy in the system

As usual, Colleen will bring her trademark and infectious enthusiasm for the work to ensure an engaging and fun workshop – the subject matter is heavy, the therapist does not need to be!

This is an advanced training (two Fridays). In order to take this course you must have taken an IFSCA course or IFSI Level 1, and have a working knowledge of IFS.

Cost for both days is USD $450

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April 15 & 16, 10-1 PST, 1-4 EST
Welcoming Neurodiversity into your IFS Practice

A Basic knowledge of IFS is a prerequisite for this weekend

Neuro-diversity recognises that we all have different brains and that this variation is valuable. Join Melissa Galbraith and Tara Watters as they explore what IFS practitioner need to know about neuro-diversity in order to meet the needs of autistic, ADHD, and other neuro-divergent clients. This weekend will explore the ways in which IFS is best utilised to support ND clients and how to ensure your practice is neuro-diversity affirming.

As we dive into neuro-diversity, you will leave with strategies to use IFS with autistic and ADHD clients, as well as a better understanding of the exciting intersections between neuro-diversity and gender-creativity.

Tara Watters is an autistic counsellor and neuro-diversity consultant focused on supporting autistic and ND clients, including people exploring their own neuro-divergence. As a parent of 4 ND children, she enjoys supporting parents on this journey, including creating a positive neuro-divergent family identify. Tara is passionate about IFS and how it can be used in neuro-diversity affirming ways. Her theory-loving parts are often busy imagining new and creative ways to use IFS with her clients.

Mel Galbraith is a queer-identified cis woman who teaches the comprehensive IFS Stepping In course for cis/trans women and non-binary folk that identify as queer. She has noticed and is excited by the commonality of gender-variance within the ND communities and is looking forward to bringing her learning to this weekend. She also notes how various parts will develop stratgies to “fit in” to the prevailing cultural norm – in the face of transphobia, heteronormativity and the shaming of people who present as ND. IFS enables us to identify parts that may be holding shame based on external expectation that are misinformed – and helps us to liberate them.

Cost is USD $225 for both days

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May 6 & 7, 8 – 3 PST (11-6 EST)

Deepening your Core IFS Practice. Derek Scott.

Limited to 16 participants

  • How can you find more of your own Self energy?
  • What do you do when a client insists it is not a part talking to them?
  • What is the role of guides and how do we work with them?
  • How do we discern and clear legacy burdens that are intimately entwined with a part’s personal burden?

We will spend this didactic and experiential weekend focussing on the work of Loch Kelly, Bob Falconer, Ed Yeats and Kay Gardner as we explore Resourcing from Source (distinguishing between Self Essence, Self Energy and Self Leadership), Unattached Burdens, Shamanism and Guides and Legacy respectively.

You will have the opportunity to release a personal legacy burden and develop the skills and confidence to work with the above. You will also be invited to watch a video wherein an unattached burden gets released and another featuring guides coming into the system to facilitate the healing.

The weekend is accompanied by a 50 page manual.

Cost for the weekend is USD $550.

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16 Weeks, 3 hours/week

April/May dates now available

Please click on the image below for a brief video from participants

Learn the model as you experience Supervised Small Practice Groups and Consultation sessions. You will also be able to watch videos of annotated sessions and participate in a live demo. The course has a comprehensive manual and many hours of didactic teaching with Q&A.

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Dates for April 2023 TBD. CLICK HERE for more information or to register

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