Fri. Nov 3, Online: 11-2 PST; 2-5 EST

IFS Therapy for Shame and Guilt

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This workshop will help you to:

  • differentiate between parts connected to shaming, guilting, shamefulness and guiltiness
  • recognise when guilt may be adaptive or maladaptive
  • use the above to determine which IFS interventions to use
  • understand how common separation and survivor guilt present as examples of maladaptive guilt
  • tease apart when guilt and shame may be fused
  • identify guilt-based relational burdens often taken on by a parentified child

Martha Sweezy has published several books on IFS therapy, and has authored many articles & chapters. She is an assistant professor, part time, in psychiatry at Harvard Medical School, a program consultant and supervisor at Cambridge Health Alliance, and a psychotherapist in private practice in Northampton, MA.

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Fri. Dec 8, Online: 11-2 PST; 2-5 EST

IFS and the Eating System

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You will leave this 3-hour masterclass with a working understanding of:

– How to understand and work with disordered eating from an IFS perspective, including:

  • How to map your clients’ “Eating System” and common parts that your clients may have
  • Polarizations that you will likely encounter
  • How to get started with this work

– What role does body image play in your clients’ eating patterns.
– How to work toward Self-Led Eating and what that might look like for your clients
– How to notice and respond to your parts that are triggered by your clients

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Advanced Weekend – Multiple Dates, 8 – 3 PST (11-6 EST)

Deepening your Core IFS Practice.

***Limited to 16 participants***

  • How can you find more of your own Self energy?
  • What do you do when a client insists it is not a part talking to them?
  • What is the role of guides and how do we work with them?
  • How do we discern and clear legacy burdens that are intimately entwined with a part’s personal burden?

We will spend this didactic and experiential weekend focussing on the work of Loch Kelly, Bob Falconer, Ed Yeats and Kay Gardner as we explore Resourcing from Source (distinguishing between Self Essence, Self Energy and Self Leadership), Unattached Burdens, Shamanism and Guides and Legacy respectively.

You will have the opportunity to release a personal legacy burden and develop the skills and confidence to work with the above. You will also be invited to watch a video wherein an unattached burden gets released and another featuring guides coming into the system to facilitate the healing.

The weekend is accompanied by a 50 page manual.

Cost for the weekend is USD $550.

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January 2024 Dates Now Available

16 Weeks, 3 hours/week

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Learn the model as you experience Supervised Small Practice Groups and Consultation sessions. You will also be able to watch videos of annotated sessions and participate in a live demo. The course has a comprehensive manual and many hours of didactic teaching with Q&A.

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