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Oct. 16, Online: 2-5 EST, 11-2 PST

Ed Yeats, PhD: Shamanism and The IFS Therapist: Shamanic Healing, Guides and the IFS Protocol

Nov. 13, Online: 2-5 EST, 11-2 PST

Dick Schwartz: IFS and couples

Dec. 11, Online: 2-5 EST, 11-2 PST

Michelle Glass: Daily Parts Meditation Practice – Enjoying and Delighting in Your System

Jan. 15, Online: 2-5 EST, 11-2 PST

Bob Falconer & Mary Kruger: Working with Chronic Firefighters (“Addiction”)

Feb. 12, Online: 2-5 EST, 11-2 PST

Susan McConnell: IFS and the Body

Stepping Stone Online IFS Course – 16 Weeks, 3 hours/week

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Learn the model as you experience Supervised Small Practice Groups and Consultation sessions. You will also be able to watch videos of annotated sessions and participate in a live demo. The course has a comprehensive manual and many hours of didactic teaching with Q&A.

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October 29, Online, 9-4:30 EDT

Internal Family Systems (IFS) Therapy: An Introduction

IFS uses “parts” language and rather than pathologizing certain symptoms or behaviours, it views these as “parts” of ourselves that have good intent and are there for a reason. Rather than trying to “control” or “conquer” certain behaviours, the IFS approach offers a curious and compassionate inquiry of these parts, and then effectively works with each of them to achieve dramatic results. IFS also posits that we all have a “Self” (highest self/best self) which is a wise, compassionate, curious centre that knows what is best for us and that can and should lead the system.  This understanding applies as much to mental health professionals as it does to clients.

Through a variety of teaching modalities, including experiential exercises, guided meditations, live demonstrations, and an annotated video of a complete IFS session, this workshop will prepare you to effectively integrate IFS into your practice to maximize therapeutic outcomes. Various “parts” of the clinician that contribute to our work with vulnerable populations will also be explored and participants will be taught a number of techniques for both accessing their own Self – both in and out of the therapy room.

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Nov. 6th, 1:30 – 5:00 Online

Internal Family Systems Therapy: What’s All the Fuss About?

As you may be aware IFS therapy is now regarded by many as the emerging model of psychotherapy. Hailed by leaders in the field such as Bessel Van der Kolk, Gabor Mate and Janina Fisher because of its efficacy in the fields of trauma and addiction; IFS offer a new paradigm for therapy based on the premise that the personality is multiple, we all have a “Self” that can facilitate healing of the distress held by our “parts” and there is nothing “wrong” with us.

This understanding shifts the focus of the work to the client’s system, relieving us of the responsibility for the relief of their suffering and associated burnout. In this engaging workshop you will be introduced to the model, invited to get to know some of your own “parts”, witness a demonstration of the work and have the opportunity to ask questions about how the model may work with other therapeutic modalities.

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