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June 11, Online: 2-5 EST, 11-2 PST

Bob Falconer Finding and Trusting Inner Guidance

July 09, Online: 2-5 EST, 11-2 PST

Dick Schwartz Stop Killing the Messenger – IFS and Chronic Pain

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Stepping Stone Online IFS Course – 16 Weeks, 3 hours/week

This course runs next in September. Please consider the 4-Day intensive in May (details below) or use the contact form on this site to indicate interest in the September classes. Pre-registration will occur mid-June for those on the interest list. Regular registration for any spots still available will start in July.

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Learn the model as you experience Supervised Small Practice Groups and Consultation sessions. You will also be able to watch videos of annotated sessions and participate in a live demo. The course has a comprehensive manual and many hours of didactic teaching with Q&A.

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4-Day IFS Online Intensive: Developing Skills and Competencies

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July 13 – 16,  10-5 EDT      

July 4-DAy Intensive: More Info/REgistration

Gay Male Therapists: Introduction to Internal Family Systems

May 29, 11-6 EST; 8-3 PST Online

Internal Family Systems is rapidly becoming recognised as the most powerful and effective therapy of our time because it unfailingly delivers what clients are seeking: permanent changes in the personality system resulting in less extreme thoughts, feelings and behaviours and a greater sense of peace and contentment.

Gay men who train as mental health professionals usually do so in an environment dominated by heterosexuals that can at times feel unsafe, or less supportive than when we are with community.

This one-day introduction to the model is open to men who identify as gay and are therapists, counsellors, sacred intimates, coaches, psychologists, psychiatrists or other health professionals who work 1:1 with clients.

Learning Objectives

Through didactic teaching, demonstrations and experiential exercises you will:

  • be invited to recognise that there is nothing wrong with you… or me… or any of us
  • understand the basics of the IFS model including the 3 types of parts we typically encounter in session, and introduce the concept of Self energy
  • learn how to be a”parts detector”
  • have an understanding of working with Protectors, your own Therapist parts, and “unburdening” the “Exiles”
  • understand how the model may be applied to specific concerns and populations: gender identity, trauma, couples, addiction, control freaks, grief
  • witness a demonstration of the model
  • be able to ask as many questions as you need
  • recognise “Self” as the Inner Attachment figure
  • gain clarity on how to facilitate the client’s Self as the agent for healing internal distress

Cost for the day:  Cost: USD $125 + service fee ; Students: $60 + service fee; Unemployed/working poor: $30 + service fee

You will be sent the Zoom link within 48 hours of registering. If you have not received it by then please click here to contact IFSCA

June 19, 11-6 EDT

Teaching IFS: How to Keep your Audience Engaged (and wanting more) 

Would you like to learn ways to engage your audience so they can really get how remarkable this model is and will want more?

In this fun 1-Day workshop you will learn how to bring IFS alive through a variety of experiential exercises designed to ensure that participants “get it” from the Inside Out. 

One of the challenges of online teaching is that participants can easily get bored, tune out, turn of their camera, leave etc. This workshop teaches how to structure a workshop – from 3 hours to 1-Day – that will hold your group’s attention. 

We will focus on:

  • Selecting and targetting your group
  • Promotion
  • Setting fees/receiving payment
  • Content for the day
  • Next Steps

The “C” of connection is so important for us all at this time and some of the day’s focus will be on ensuring participants have the opportunity for meaningful connection.

There will be no powerpoint.

Materials provided will include handouts for participants that you can use for your own teaching sessions as well as an annotated video of an IFS session

This day is open to anyone who has been working with the model and has teaching parts that would like to share it with their community: online or in-person.

IFSCA has been offering 1-Day introductions to the model for years and has unique teaching methods. If you’d like to see how participants respond to these days please click here (comments after a 1-Day Intro with Gay men that led to 9 participants joining a 16 week course) or here (Comments after a 4-Day Intensive)