Exploring your Own System

If you want to review what IFS is all about or don't have access to a therapist then this post has a video, handout and link to a facebook page all designed to help you out.

Exploring your Own System2019-10-17T07:56:39-04:00

The Integration of Spiritual Experiences

In this article I will explore the impact of spiritual experiences on the psyche in terms of the brain, the personality system and our response to novel situations that challenge our worldview. I will then offer ways to understand and work with our own protective systems that facilitate the integration of emergent spiritual experiences.

The Integration of Spiritual Experiences2019-10-17T07:58:35-04:00

Vicarious Trauma & Empathic Overwhelm

This article considers vicarious trauma in realtion to empathic parts. It discusses the limits of empathy, introduces the term "empathic overwhelm" which is to a degree synonymous with burnout and compassion fatigue, and invites those working in human services to foster compassion and compassionate connection as the healing response.

Vicarious Trauma & Empathic Overwhelm2019-10-14T19:50:49-04:00

Grief & IFS: Mapping the Terrain

Compassion heals. This article explores contemporary approaches to grief and loss then outlines an IFS perspective. It is written for both therapists and non-therapists and offers practical strategies for working with the "Loss Cluster" activated as a result of lost attachments. This article is available as a PDF file.

Grief & IFS: Mapping the Terrain2019-10-17T07:53:25-04:00
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