July 9th, Online: 2-5 EST, 11-2 PST

Dick Schwartz: Stop Killing the Messenger – IFS and Chronic Pain

“There are many reasons that we have physical pain that are not related to our parts, but particularly when our pain is chronic, seemingly intractable, and doesn’t respond to other treatments, it is often being used by parts to get a message to us. The harder we try to kill the pain, the more of it they give us because, often, their message is a crucial one. IFS provides a way to not only listen to that message but also get all our parts on board for making changes that eliminate the need for that message. “

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“It turns out that most chronic pain, and an astonishing variety of other medical maladies, have little to do with damaged tissues or untreated infections. They’re maintained by complex mind–body interactions, in which our brain’s natural proclivity to avoid pain traps us.”

“For some clients, pain became a window into a fascinating inner world of parts. When parts trust us to listen to them, they no longer need to use pain to communicate with us…In many cases, allowing these parts to speak transforms the pain and often resolves the disorder entirely.”

Please Join Dick Schwartz, Founder of the IFS Model for this rich exploration of how to work with parts connected to chronic pain.

Given the immensity of the Opioid crisis, Dick Schwartz once again delivers on his promise as a “Hope Merchant”.

IFS Shown to Reduce Pain and Depression, and Improve Physical Function for Rheumatoid Arthritis Patients

Results of Randomized Controlled Study Published in the Journal of Rheumatology (Click to View)

3 IFS CEs are available.

This Workshop will be recorded and the recording sent to registrants the next day. It will be available for 1 week.

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Sept. 10th, Online: 2-5:30 EST, 11-2:30 PST

Kay Gardner: Legacy burdens – Getting down to the Roots of Things

IFS Institute Senior Lead Trainer Kay Gardner will be sharing a workshop with us working with legacy burdens, helping us to discover the burdens that we carry that do not necessarily belong to us.

As Kay says, “These were either inherited or we were actually marinated in the energy of our families burdens that came to us through the morphic fields, or became part of us through projection of one of our parents onto us. This can come through ancestral trauma and it can also come through as a shadow quality not owned by our parents which gets projected onto us and we unconsciously buy into it. Owning what is ours and unloading what doesn’t belong to us is deeply empowering to us.”

This workshop will contain both didactic material and lots of experiential material. Kay says, “Be prepared to do some of your own work” as you will be invited to participate in a Collective Legacy Unburdening

This Workshop will be recorded and the recording sent to registrants the next day. It will be available for 1 week.

Cost (USD): $85 + service fee ; Students: $45 + service fee; Unemployed/working poor: $25 + service fee

3 IFS CEs are available.

To view a short video of Kay describing her work with Legacy Burdens please click on the picture below

This Workshop will be recorded and the recording sent to registrants the next day. It will be available for 1 week.

Nov. 5th, Online: 2-5 EST, 11-2 PST

Loch Kelly: Resourcing from Source – Bringing more Self to your Life and Work

Loch Kelly returns to further our exploration of  the core Self that lives in us all. Loch’s workshops are very popular as he combines didactic teaching with skillfully guided meditations that take us on a 3 hour journey… home.

He has many books and videos available on his website

Excerpt from Loch’s Essay: “The You-Turn of Awakening”

Awakening is the next natural stage of human development. It is an inherent human capacity within us all, like the capacity to read and write. Awakening is an upgrade of perception, knowing and identity. It is a shift from as small thought-based sense of self to an awake awareness-based operating system that is already installed. Awakening is accessing optimal human potential the feels empty of limitation but also fully embodied, interconnected, open hearted and naturally wise. By learning effortless mindfulness which begins to rewire your neuronal network you can return home to live from this natural awakened consciousness.

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This Workshop will be recorded and the recording sent to registrants the next day. It will be available for 1 week.

Cost (USD): $85 + service fee ; Students: $45 + service fee; Unemployed/working poor: $25 + service fee

Oct. 8th, Online: 2-5 EST, 11-2 PST

Polyvagal IFS: Exploring the Relational Intelligence Model – Francois Le Doze

François Le Doze has been a neurologist at the University Hospital of Caen for thirty years. His interest in the relationship between body and mind was transformed when he discovered the Internal Family Systems (IFS) model, with its ability to restore the balance of a person by harmonizing all the facets within.

This profoundly influenced his personal and professional life by orienting him towards psychotherapeutic practice.

Convinced of the relevance and effectiveness of the model, he trained with founder Richard Schwartz in 2006 to become the first French-speaking trainer for the IFS Institute. His passion contributed significantly to its diffusion to the French-speaking public, in particular by overseeing the French translation of the introductory book to the IFS model by Richard Schwartz ( Système familial intérieur – Blessures et guérison). Francois is also the author, with Christian Krumb, of La force de la confiance: une thérapie pour s’unifier (The force of confidence: a therapy to unify) (Odile Jacob, 2015).

In 2014 after encountering Polyvagal theory he founded SELF THERAPIE FORMATION and began to develop the Intelligence Relationnelle® model. This approach combines the advances of the IFS model with those made in the  neuroscientific understanding of relationships, trauma and attachment theory.

It is a therapeutic modality based on the relational dynamics between the client and the therapist, and within the client to resolve the patient’s inner conflicts and relational difficulties. It is used to treat not only complex psychological traumas, but also the pre-existing attachment disorders that are very often associated with trauma.

It draws on the recent neuroscience data on attachment and neuroplasticity in the therapeutic process and provides a theoretical and practical framework in which the whole spectrum of attachment disorders and complex traumas can be treated through the flexible and appropriate use of co-regulation and self-regulation.

Currently Francois is bringing his brilliant synthesis to an International audience.

This workshop will be a mix of didactic presentation, live demonstration and time for Q&A

In this workshop participants will learn:

  • the neurobiology of Psychotherapy
  • how IFS, polyvagal theory and attachment theory interface to form the Relational Intelligence model
  • The Pillars of the Relational Intelligence model
  • What makes RI unique

Cost (USD): $85 + service fee ; Students: $45 + service fee; Unemployed/working poor: $25 + service fee

This Workshop will be recorded and the recording sent to registrants the next day. It will be available for 1 week.

Dec 17th, Online: 2-5 EST, 11-2 PST

Lissa Rankin, M.D. IFS as Medical Treatment

Lissa’s Ted Talk: The #1 Public Health issue Doctors aren’t talking about

Mind Over Medicine breaks new ground in the fertile region where science and spirituality intersect. Dr. Lissa Rankin discovered that the conventional health care she had been taught to practice was missing something crucial: a recognition of the body’s innate ability to self-repair and an appreciation for how we can control these self-healing mechanisms with the power of our own consciousness. (Self).

“It’s a beautiful and important book.” – Dick Schwartz

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Lissa on IFS and the Pandemic

“I sincerely believe IFS can offer life, body, mind, heart, and soul.Talking transparently with my close friends (who all use the IFS model on ourselves and in our relationships with each other), we’re all discovering parts in ourselves we didn’t know, parts that take extra Self-energy to love—parts with violent tendencies, suicide parts that don’t want to be on this planet anymore, parts with addict tendencies, parts with hoarding tendencies, parts with grandiose, narcissistic, “save the world” God complex tendencies, intellectualizing parts that try to collect knowledge and figure things out, and spiritual bypassing parts that jump straight to the “silver lining” and skip over the intense emotions this brings up. The doctors and other front line workers are also discovering the extremity of our martyr tendencies, the parts that will throw us under the bus to save someone else, recklessly intubating a dying person without wearing a mask and putting ourselves at risk of leaving our children orphaned—all because we can’t bear to stand by helplessly and out of control in the face of someone else’s imminent death.

Blending With Parts Disables Your Immune System

All these lit up parts cause a boatload of stress responses in the nervous system—flooding the body with cortisol, epinephrine, norepinephrine, and other stress hormones, which disable the immune system, rendering you vulnerable to contracting the coronavirus and being unable to mount an immune response should you get infected. IFS, on the other hand, facilitates relaxing your parts, so your nervous system is restored to the relaxation response, which releases healing hormones like oxytocin, endorphins, dopamine, and serotonin, preparing your immune system to be fully functional.

The core focus of IFS is to find the exiles your manager parts and firefighter parts protect and offering healing and “unburdening” to those wounded inner children—the parts that feel helpless, hopeless, worthless, terrified, disposable, and ashamed, the parts that carry extreme limiting beliefs like “I’m unlovable” or “I don’t deserve protection” or “I’m not enough.” The emotions these exiles carry can be so painful, so intense, that our protector parts will pull out all the stops in times like this to make us avoid getting to our exiles. But in times like this, even the most brilliantly crafty firefighters may fail. Many people are feeling their exile feelings right now, as a mass wave of helplessness, hopelessness, terror, shame, and fear wash over us like a collective tsunami. We can recoil from these feelings—or we can let them move through us like waves, using them as trailheads to heal the exiles that feel so much. IFS gives us the “how.””

“Self-Leadership = Self-Healing”

Video: Dick Schwartz and Lissa – Healing from Spiritual Bypassing

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This Workshop will be recorded and the recording sent to registrants the next day. It will be available for 1 week.

Cost: $85 + service fee ; Students: $45 + service fee; Unemployed/working poor: $25 + service fee