Julie Rocque, Hypnotherapist
Population served

Adults, young adults


Personal growth, life transitions, relationship (to oneself and others), grief, stress, addiction, insomnia, mental preparation, inner exploration, chronic pain, hypnoBirthing. Using hypnosis, IFS & Clean Language.

Currently Accepting Referrals
Years in Practice
3 Years
IFS Certified
Graduated IFSCA Skills & Competencies
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Method of Payment
Email Money Transfer (EMT), Cash
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I’ve long had a fascination with the stories we tell ourselves, and above all with the power they have over us. Ericksonian hypnosis makes very skilled use of narratives, to guide someone through their personal legend, and help it evolve.

IFS and hypnosis complement each other perfectly. IFS brings an elaborate reading grid to my hypnosis practice, while the hypnotic trance facilitates access to parts. What a privilege to witness the movements taking place within a person in the process of meeting themself. It’ll never cease to enchant me… Accompanying someone as they enter into a relationship with their parts and include them in the healing process, remaining the active creator of their experience.

Some say we are made of the stories we tell ourselves. If the places yours take you (or keep you) don’t appeal to you, we can get to know your different narratives together.

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