Josephine Ruiz MA ATR-BC, RP
Population served

Adults, Indigenous, POC, LGBTQ2S/ Queer identified, Frontline Professionals; Cancer Allied, Caregivers and Persons with Disability Allied, Racial Justice Allied


trauma/PTSD (sexual, physical, emotional, spiritual, intergenerational, occupational stress); addiction, LGBTQ, BIPOC, identity-related issues, couples therapy

Currently Accepting Referrals
Years in Practice
25 Years
IFS Certified
Graduated IFSCA Skills & Competencies
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Method of Payment
Email Money Transfer (EMT)
Available for Online work
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“Whether we’re overcoming adversity, surviving trauma or dealing with stress or anxiety, having a sense of purpose, meaning, and perspective in our lives allows us to develop understanding and move forward. Without purpose, meaning and perspective, it is easy to lose hope, numb our emotions or become overwhelmed by our circumstances. We feel reduced, less capable, and lose in the face of struggle. The heart of spirituality is connection. When we believe in that inextricable connection, we don’t feel alone.”  

 – Brene Brown 


I bring with me 25+ years of psychology work-related experiences: out-patient/psychiatric, community/school-based facilities, assessment/ training & family counselling.  

My unique training in Counseling Psychology, EMDR, IFS-Informed EDMR, IFS-Informed, ACT, CBT, DBT, Art Therapy & Gottman’s Couples therapy prepared me to support individuals who struggle with trauma/PTSD (sexual, physical, emotional, cultural stress, intergenerational, front-line professionals with occupational trauma), process & substance-use addictions & sexual/gender/ethnic-racial/spiritual identity issues.  

I offer an Affirming and Culturally Responsive approach & utilize therapeutic, neurological and empirical-based interventions that can help you THRIVE and fully be SEEN. 


What can you expect? 

In the beginning, I will listen and understand your story. I will make sense of your desires, dreams and goals. Then, together, we can come up with a plan that suits you. I will take your lead. You are in control. We will work through your struggle and pain. We will find a path towards hope, connection & growth that is safe and confidential. I am mindful, and committed to your holistic and integrated healing. 

Short Term: Through the use of ACT/CBT/DBT, I help clients reduce their symptoms, optimize functioning, and intentionally live towards the “Life Worth Living”. 

Mid-term: We deepen the work from a trauma-focused perspective through the use of Internal Family Systems and IFS-Informed EMDR. Through self-compassion, inner knowing, and neuroscience, I help create an internal system that is more coherent, wherein memory reconsolidation can take place. My hope is that you can respond to life with greater flexibility, fullness and inner harmony. 


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