Bryony Smith, IFS Practitioner
Population served

Caregivers, those with post-concussion related mood issues, LGBTQI+, elders, students, fellow therapists, and activists.


Post-concussion and TBI issues, grief, trauma, depression, and anxiety.

Currently Accepting Referrals
Years in Practice
7 Years
IFS Certified
Level of Training Achieved - IFS Institute
Graduated IFSCA Skills & Competencies
Session Fee
Sliding Scale
Method of Payment
Paypal, Credit Card
Available for Online work
Video Platform used
Available for Phone work

I’m a licensed psychotherapist in Massachusetts and a Board Certified life coach offering either individual counseling or coaching sessions for adults. I am Level 1 trained and have received an additional 100+ hours of IFS training (from Derek Scott, Martha Sweezy, Joanne Twombly, Frank Anderson, Bonnie Weiss and others).

I can help you find greater meaning in your life and an increased sense of well-being.
We can integrate and heal from the past while building greater emotional resilience and mental/emotional flexibility.

My training includes somatic/body-centered emotional/trauma healing, IFS parts work, and psychosynthesis.

I create a safe space for you to explore your inner world and any blocks getting in your way.
My approach is collaborative, compassionate, playful, and always respectful of you as a unique individual. I’ve been engaged in anti-racist work since 1995 and value supporting diverse populations.

I love supporting therapists and other practitioners to explore their parts. Transforming the inner tyrant into a loving cheerleader may take time but it can be life changing.

Date Established