Alexis Gross, IFS Informed Practitioner
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Psychedelic Preparation & Integration, Spiritual Emergence, Holistic Development, Personal Transformation, Addiction Recovery

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Years in Practice
9 Years
IFS Certified
Graduated IFSCA Skills & Competencies
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Credit Card, Debit
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I’m a lover of humanity and a deep believer in the inherent goodness and the light that exists within every single one of us. We all have an inner world that needs tending to. Each time we find the courage to explore what lives within, we give ourselves the opportunity to come more honestly and more authentically into ourselves and into the world. When we honor our deepest, most human needs, we transform not only ourselves but our collective consciousness.

The path of deep personal work and practice isn’t the easiest, quickest, or the most instantly-gratifying, but it is perhaps the only sustainable one. The only one that transforms us from the inside out. The only one that allows us to see both who we truly are and who we are not so that we can live with more light and with a knowing of our inherent wholeness.

I believe we ALL have the potential to live in a way that feels connected, aligned and in our own truth. Sometimes we just don’t have the tools to get there. My work is to help you re-connect with your inner wisdom, so you can live more fully and more connected.


Session Fee: $160-200 /hour (USD)

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