The Goals of Practice Triads are:

  • To be able to take risks in applying the model
  • To receive accurate feedback about your work
  • To be able to review your work and become more aware of your “therapist parts”
  • To explore your triggered parts blocking Self-led confidence
  • To identify personal growing edge as the model becomes increasingly incorporated
  • To learn advanced techniques

Expectations of Participants are:

  • We have the opportunity to hold space for each other
  • Co-creating respect and safety
  • Acknowledging and appreciating the challenges
  • Sharing the successes
  • Genuine, honest feedback with the understanding that this is a gift to help hone our skills
  • Appreciating our therapist parts and others therapist parts


We will start with a brief check-in: any parts wanting to be spoken for as we greet each other.

We will then determine who is to be therapist, who client and who observer for the session.

We will meet for 90 minutes every week at a mutually convenient time. Your spot in the group is secured once payment has been processed and you are asked to commit to 6 sessions at a time.

Each video session will be recorded and only made available to you as the participant so that you can revisit the work at your leisure.

After the 6 session block there is an option to continue meeting.

Scheduling: Please click here to see available times and indicate all that may work for you.

We will use the hippa-compliant Zoom video platform which may be downloaded for free by clicking here.

US/International Participants

Cost is $100 USD per session for US/International participants. The 6-session block is USD $600 for US/International + 3% PayPal fee: USD $618.


Canadian Participants

Cost is $125 CDN per session for Canadian participants. The 6-session block is CDN $750 + 3% PayPal fee: $772.50 if using PayPal.


Canadian participants may choose to use E-transfer to to avoid the 3% PayPal fee.