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Refinements in the IFS Model – Nancy Pullen

"The modifications observed include ways the therapist can be less directive, subtle changes in working with managers, an added focus on working with the body, an invitation of an abreaction by a part while the Self witnesses the part’s experience, and more specific directions used in inviting a part to unburden."

Refinements in the IFS Model – Nancy Pullen2019-10-21T20:40:37-04:00

IFS & Guides – Michi Rose

"The main problem is to distinguish a manager part that is posing as a guide, from real guides. Parts that function as “spiritual managers” look and sound like guides."

IFS & Guides – Michi Rose2019-10-21T20:40:37-04:00

Energy and Me (and Maybe You?) – Leslie Reambeault

"This is for you, as a therapist who wonders how exactly to proceed through the barrage of (protecting or protected) parts to your client’s Self (how was it that Dick did that so effortlessly?)."

Energy and Me (and Maybe You?) – Leslie Reambeault2019-10-21T20:40:37-04:00

Self-leadership and the Fire Drill Exercise – Richard Schwartz

"To maintain Self-leadership in the face of provocation, our parts must be able to trust our Selves enough to quickly step back and let our Selves handle the situation, despite the fact that they’re still upset. When this works, a person will feel upset inside, but will not be overwhelmed by the upset parts and will remain the “I” in the storm"

Self-leadership and the Fire Drill Exercise – Richard Schwartz2019-10-21T20:40:37-04:00

IFS/12-Step Compatibility – Bill Kavanagh

"I finally did come to realize that not only are the two modalities not mutually exclusive, they are in fact highly compatible. The following is an attempt to answer some of the questions I have heard asked regarding said compatibility of IFST and the 12 Steps."

IFS/12-Step Compatibility – Bill Kavanagh2019-10-21T20:40:37-04:00
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