4-Day IFS Skills and Competencies Intensive

This course is open to anyone working in the Mental Health field.


The goals for this course are for you:

  • to learn and understand the IFS model and be able to apply it to your own systems, your patients/clients and one another
  • to be able to ask as many questions as you need and know where to go for further information
  • to develop the confidence, skills and competence to begin to integrate the model in your practice
  • to become clear on the unburdening process
  • to be invigorated in your practice and to see remarkable and permanent changes in many of your clients


In order to be able to use the model it is essential that therapists/counsellors have an awareness of their own system of parts. As such you will be expected to explore your own systems in practice groups and if you are the subject in a demonstration.

Time Commitment: 4 Days,10-5 EST

Day 1: Foundations of the Work

Introduction to the IFS model, with explanations of the 3 types of parts we typically encounter in session. An introduction to the concept of Self energy.

You will form your Practice Groups

We will also do demonstrations so that you can see the model in action, followed by Q&A.

You will practice reflective listening as a “Parts Detector”

Participants will be encouraged to speak for their own parts throughout.

Day 2: “Just Ask”

The focus of this day is on learning to hold your Self-led curiosity in the work.

After check-in you will move into your practice groups for supervised IFS Practice sessions. You will be in the role of therapist, client or observer and these will rotate.

Teaching will focus on the Inner Landscape, Exile formation and facilitating “unblending” of protective parts

Day 3: Deepening the Work – “What’s the Worry?”

We will thoroughly review the IFS protocol with time to answer your questions. Common concerns of protective manager parts will be named and the teaching will focus on how to address these concerns so that the client’s protective system feels assured as to the safety of the work.

Once manager concerns are addressed it becomes possible to move towards unburdening an exile.

A demonstration with Q&A and supervised small group practice will form part of the day.

Day 4: Bringing your Self to the work – “I’m Here”

The content of this day will include brief demos focusing on ways of getting “unstuck” in the work (Fire Drill Demo, Empathy at play)

The didactic portion will focus more explicitly on the necessary Skills and Competencies and there will be the last of the practice opportunities

We will close on the course and consider possible next steps to keep you engaged with the model, including the optional Masterclass weekend.


Each participant will be provided with a training manual with handouts for each session.

A list of approved IFS therapists available to work with participants will be provided should you wish to deepen your own work.

Required Reading

Internal Family Systems, 2nd Edition by Richard C. Schwartz and Martha Sweezy

Recommended reading includes: “Many minds, One Self” by Richard Schwartz and Robert Falconer,“Introduction to Internal Family Systems” also by Dick Schwartz and “No Bad Parts” – Dick Schwartz.

In addition there are many interesting articles on the resources page of my site


The cost for the intensive is USD $1,200

Please be aware that this course is not affiliated with the IFS Institute and is not considered as one of their Level 1 trainings. If you require certification as an IFS therapist that can only be awarded by the IFS Institute after taking a Level 1 training.